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  Distribution to all practicing dentists and consumers of Episode I of "UnInformed Consent, Mercury, A Slow Death," via private funding and sales has begun. God’s speed to all!

Attention Healthcare Providers!
We are working on an online searchable database for healthcare providers/dentists who have taken the time to learn about safe detoxing protocols. The providers must have a working email address. These providers will be asked to fill out a questionnaire that will conform to our database format for search. This questionnaire will be available online soon. Any interested providers are invited to email us now with their email address and information including address, phone, fax, website, (if you have one), type of protocols used, education held, (including continuing self education), any goals you may have and any short statement on your philosophical/health views. We reserve the right to exclude anyone we feel is not forthright in his or her practices.

We are currently cutting trailers of the November 14th hearing from the US Congressional Committee For Government Reform on the Dangers of Dental Amalgam. This will be included in Part II of the UnInformed Consent, Episode I - "Mercury A Slow Death," Part II. We are also working on Episode II of UnInformed Consent, "What Have We Done to Our Children?" on the dangers of mercury in vaccines. Release in the spring.

  To view excerpts from the documentary, click on the images/links below. For additional information click here.  
  “Smoking Trooth”
  “The BioSolids Event" (3 mins.)
  “Content in Mercury, A Slow Death” (6 mins.)
  "What Really Happened At the IOM"
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"What Have We Done To Our Children?"
"Nuclear Towns - Nuclear People..."
"Insurance Fraud - Public Sector Scam Artists or Your Own Insurance Company?"
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US National Academy of Sciences
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The National Academies Press
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