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"Journalists - are a big part of the problem. " say autism experts.
Wednesday - June 25, 2008 11:00PM
(See Green Our Vaccine Rally video coverage)

  UNINFORMED CONSENT, Washington DC –"Journalists - are a big part of the problem." seemed to be the soup de jour during the Green Our Vaccines Rally held June 4th, 2008 in Washington DC. And this perception appears to be the weather vane of what is coming despite the Herculean efforts by government health officials to suppress information from press and the public.

They came by the thousands. It was a wreathing swelling sea of mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers - all sporting one thing - a child with autism or two or three. All believe their children were damaged by thimerosal, a toxic component of many vaccines.”

The march was led by celebrities Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy whose autistic son Evan, led her to this issue. Speakers included Dr. Jay Gordon (Evan's pediatrician), Dr. Boyd Haley (world mercury expert), Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Esq. (author and environmental gatekeeper) and Dr. Jerry Kerzinel (autism pediatrician treating Evan). Also in attendance were US Congresspersons Dan Burton and Carol Maloney.

Almost without exception speakers commented that the press was "part of the problem." "You've allowed the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) to hijack what is perceived as the science of autism. There hasn't been one publication ever published where thimerosal (ethyl mercury and additive in vaccines) was tested against a living cell - a living animal - where it wasn't found to be severely toxic, cytotoxic and neurotoxic." said Dr. Boyd Haley, PhD, Chair Emeritus of the University of Kentucky.”

Haley, an internationally recognized bio-chemist (four PhDs in tow), is one of the foremost credentialed experts on mercury in the scientific world. He has published over 150 peer-reviewed published studies as well as being a popular expert witness and speaker in congress.

Having appeared on many investigative news programs including 60 Minutes (more than once), Haley has been a favorite of broadcasters who have of late (the past five years or so) been habitually keeping his (and numerous other scientific experts) interviews "in the can" where they never seem to get public air. This, in the face of substantial investments in flying camera crews and Haley around the country to get them.

Unfortunately the press' deaf and dumb treatment (in some cases conducting outright persecutions) of those who speak out about the danger of mercury in vaccines and dental amalgam has been the impetus to what is seen by many as a complete and utter collapse of the nation's information system.

Dr. Jay Gordon was the first to comment by calling the June 2, 2008 Time Magazine article billed on their front cover as "The Truth About Vaccines" a "spoof of responsible journalism."

Indeed with this latest article on mercury and autism, Time seems to be falling into the rank and file of high profile rags such as the New York Times whose once respected hard-hitting investigative jounalism has reinvented itself into a tabloid style witch-hunt on honest scientists and concerned parents who have the audacity to speak up. Sadly this has become commonplace.

After referring to concerned parents and scientists as "vaccine detractors", the Time article, written by Alice Park, goes on to call the autism epidemic "The Autism Riddle" in the face of mountains of scientific evidence including easily accessible online audio recordings of all the presentations done on the IOM's 9th Hearing on Immunization Safety in February of 2004.

Sources say the IOM, under direction from the CDC, was to find a negative causal connection between autim and thimerosal in vaccines (despite the scientific data submitted through over 650 studies at the time).

Attendance at that actual 9-hour hearing would have produced the opposite conclusion, as the consensus from most all 15 doctors and scientists who testified was in direct conflict with that spun conclusion.

News affiliates have made some attempts to cover this issue, but most are working under the "If it bleeds, it leads" business model and this particular topic never sees airtime more than once.

Conversely, US consumers are being bludgeoned with pharmaceutical marketing through embedded newcasts produced by the CDC and other health agencies, embedded scripts in TV programming, public health officials on talk shows with official talking points and shameless marketing of drugs that mask many of the symptoms of mercury poisoning clearly occurring in the rest of the population in addition to the autism communities.

An average consumer gets hit with pharmaceutical marketing of some sort up to 9 times in a 3 minute commercial break when watching TV. That does not count embedded marketing ubiquitous in other copious programming.

Large broadcasters have also been guilty. One scientist was called in to see top executives of MSNBC to talk about the autism epidemic in hopes of finally getting something on the air. One of the executives had a grandchild stricken with autism.

While presenting scientific data, the scientist was stopped and asked, "Do you think we're stupid? We know mercury in vaccines causes autism. But if we put it on the air there wil be mass rioting on the streets. We just want to help our grandson."

Kennedy, one of the speakers at the rally and no stranger to the wiles of the press, concurred with his fellow speaker's assessments of a failing press. He has personal experience.

In June of 2005, ABC corporate executives suddenly cancelled three interviews on his book promotion for "Crimes Against Nature" when they discovered Kennedy's article on the vaccine cover-up, published in Rolling Stone and a few days earlier. The shows were 20/20, Good Morning America and ABC News Tonight.

These examples join a standardized press trend of turning a deaf ear to any event that is unsafe to a potential advertiser or owner. This leaves the press as an almost empty shell of what they once were.

Now the public sees only bare minmum reporting on "safe news" fires, car accidents, murders, sex predators and violence. Interestingly, these latter examples in particular are the type of behavior seen commonly with imbalanced individuals as a result of reaching biochemically induced toxic-tipping points.

Five years ago, it became obvious to insiders something was amiss when Rep. Dan Burton, then Chair of the Government Reform Committee, completed the committee's three-year investigation on mercury in dental fillings and vaccines on US Health Agencies that found their "failure to act was institutional malfeasance." The congressional report was filed May 21, 2003.

Advance copies of the un-filed draft report were distributed widely to press and advocates alike with the teeth taken out. The real report, including all the sizzle and steak, was not discovered until almost a year later, accidently.

The latest leak was of the closed-door minutes of another seemingly innocuous CDC meeting held Jan. 12, 2001 under the guise of the National Academies of Sciences (Institute of Medicine) by doctors and members of the CDC who were handpicked for a predispostion to develop a plan to suppress information. There was not one moment spent in this meeting concerning the horror they had facilitatied, drug recalls or concern of the crimes they had committed. It was all about how to cover it up.

During that meeting it was explicit that US Health agencies' first order of business was how to manipulate data and secret the event that mercury in vaccines was linked to autism/ADHD and many other diseases such as asthma, diabetes, and obesity.

Because of the self-generated "controversy" (there is no controversy in the scientific community - merucry is a neurotoxin), our nation's babies have continued to be exposed to massive amounts of mercury through vaccines and mercury dental amalgam. There has been no government intervention. It has been quite the opposite.

These agencies seem to spend all their time hiding those facts from the public while using expensive marketing techniques to lie to the American people. They go as far as making the statements that "mercury has been removed from all vaccines" and "dentists don't use mercury anymore." Not only are these talking points false, there is no overisight to keep it in check.

Washington State - The facts remain that even in Washington State these behaviours are emulated. Washington State is the eighth state in the Union to officially ban mercury in pregnant women and children under 3 yet strategically placed legislators and State Health officials continue to misrepresent that mercury continued use in State purchased vaccines while covertly sabotaging any positive oversight that would protect the public.

Under the guise of state-elected officials, gatekeepers for the CDC cover-up have been placed in positions of authority, financed by a pharmaceutical lobby with one purpose in mind - to suppress any information from the public that may fuel the tsunami of tort litigation that will no doubt eventually result.

Rep. Eileen Cody, Chair of the Health Care & Wellness Committee for the house, has worked hard for her campaign contributors - a who's who of pharma and dental lobby. She has worked overtime to sabotage the latest state legislation banning mercury in vaccines for preganant women and children under 3.

On the Senate side, Cody's counterpart is Sen. Karen Keizer, Chair of the Health & Long-Term Care Committee. Keizer boasts of similar campaign contributors.

Cody and Keizer both hail of substantial contributions from vaccine manufacturer Merck and former thimerosal manufacturuer GaxoSmithKline - an unusual interst in local politics for an international drug cartel.

Both have historically suppressed citizen advocates who spend personal time traveling to testify before the committess they are charged to chair in the public trust. This effectively keeps information from reaching interested constituents who may watch public access TV broadcasts. It is truly an evisceration of open government.

The CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) has recommended, for the flu vaccine, that children aged 6 months to one-year and annually through 18 years recieves the shot. This adds up to 225 mcg of mercury - 9 times what is considered safe for a 275 pound man. This standard has been adopted by the American Academy of Pediatricians.

In Excipient-tables posted on the CDC's website, 9 vaccines sold in the United States still contain thimerosal.

According to numerous Washington State Dept. of Health officials, Washington State no longer uses thimerosal containing immunizations. These talking points are especially driven home by pharmaceutical lobbyists, some under the authority of health agency personnel, when attempting to convince legislators there is no problem.

However according to an email from Betsy Hubbard, Clinical Practice Supervisor of Public Health - Seattle & King County, Washington State still purchases 16 vaccines, 4 of which continue to contain thimerosal, many of which are recommended to be injected into children and adults numerous times over a two-year period. Surprisingly Hubbard appeared on local network news around the same time as this email conversely claiming Washington State no longer uses mercury containing vaccines.

US Government Health Agencies have spent over two decades marketing denials that there could be any connection between a possible cumulative effect of mercury exposure with the increasing recommended vaccine schedules coinciding wtih the exploding epidemic of ADHD and autistic children.

During that time those same agencies have been responsible for achieving legislation to protect the pharmaceutical lobby from torte litigation rather than protecting consumers with which they were originally commissioned to defend. One of those legislations was the Vaccine Compensation Program.

In 1989, the Congressional Committee for Government Reform developed the Vaccine Compensation Program. This program requires anyone suspecting vaccine reaction should seek damages through the US Dept. of Justice. Until a decision is decided in this program, any of these cases are barred from seeking any civil litigation.

The result of this program over the past 20 years has effectively succeeded in leaving most vaccine-injured families in financial and emotional ruin, while attempting to care for impaired children during another collapse (driven by the same health issues) - our health care system.

The US Administration, which oversees Human and Health Services (HHS) - the agency that directs the Centers for Disease Control (which makes the decisions and recommendations regarding immunization) - all have worked overtime and spent millions of tax-generated dollars, to hang on to its own credibility. There is little evidence these agencies have done anything to protect consumers.

As internet bloggers define whether they are whisper compaigners or a true news delivery system, a new type of antagonism has materialized. It appears to be organized, bought and paid for with one intent - to disrupt and disable information between the real deal and the public.

Some websites already have nonsensical attacks on the
Green Our Vaccines Rally. Video soundtracks from the event have been altered and displayed as the actual script as irrational demonization develops against these victims.

It is now 2008 and despite the CDC's fictional claims that thimerosal has been taken out of all vaccines, these rally participants, 8,500 strong (multiplied by the thousands who could not make the trip), clearly demonstrate that the epidemic continues to explode at alarming rates.

This rally did not contain the rioting, pitchforks, torches or battering rams that the main stream press executives were led to believe. There were only desperate families attempting to have a voice. They have one collective purpose. They want to keep this from happening to anyone else. It is a noble cause given how the system has so mercilessly predatorized them.

By keeping this information from the American public, the media has effectively enabled disingenous health agencies, conflict-of-interests attached, to continue unchecked a behavior that will most certainly cripple our entire country.

Jenny McCarthy ended her rally comments with a poignant quote from Margaret Mead. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has."

Has the press forgotten itself? As the famous journalist Joseph Pulitzer so elegantly stated,

"We are a democracy, and there is only one way to get a democracy on its feet in the matter of its individual, its social, its municipal, its State, its National conduct, and that is by keeping the public informed about what is going on. There is not a crime, there is not a dodge, there is not a trick, there is not a swindle, there is not a vice which does not live by secrecy. Get these things out in the open describe them, attack them, ridicule them in the press, and sooner or later public opinion will sweep them away."

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