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CDC Says There Is No Connection Between Mercury Containing Vaccines and Autism.
Novemeber 2, 2003

Outcry Deafening From Scientists, Doctors and Parents, Claim CDC Knowingly and Willfully Manipulated Study To Avoid Liability From Maiming 100’s of 1000’s of Children Over Decades.


UNINFORMED CONSENT, SEATTLE WA - As mountains of evidence swell against them, the defensive CDC, (Centers for Disease Control), released yet another study in an attempt to calm an ensuing seismic wave of rage from parents to scientists from all over the world.

“This is just fraud – this is just a straight out piece of fraud.” says an outraged Dr. Mark R Geier, physician, geneticist and vaccine researcher since 1970. Geier has been working with Congress and doing research for over 30 years as a board certified geneticist and has published in over 30 different peer-reviewed publications. Geier says the main author of the CDC study, Dr. Thomas Verstraeten, has been working for GlaxoSmithKline since 2001 shortly after the first version of this study stunned government scientists, doctors and researchers.

GlaxoSmithKline is one of the big five vaccine manufacturers in the world. This information also seems to be omitted from the new version of the Verstraeten Study as published in the November issue of the peer-review publication, Pediatrics. This is in strict violation of the publication’s conflict-of-interest policies. Instead, the reader is led to believe Verstraeten is currently an employee of the CDC.

Geier testified last December before the US Congressional Committee for Government Reform reporting that “they, (the CDC), seem to put up continually, additional steps, fees and hindrances, and seem to make the realistic possibility of ever getting access to the Vaccine Safety Database, (VSD), remote.” US Congressman Dan Burton, (R-IN), promised to ease this stonewalling in the future.

According to Safe Minds, a research organization dedicated to identifying the cause of autism in children, “Data was manipulated, in part, by adding in samples from Harvard Pilgrim, an HMO in Massachusetts, the only state in the country that severely under-reported autism in the years looked at in the study, appearing to have almost no cases compared to nearly 500% increases in other states. Using Harvard Pilgrim data helped skew results so that a conclusion of 'inconsistencies' between Harvard Pilgrim and other HMO’s appears to disprove a link between mercury-laced vaccines and autism."

The Verstraeten Study was commissioned by the CDC and administrated by Dr. Thomas Verstraeten when he first came to the CDC as a NIS officer in 1999. It was done from data collected by the CDC’s Vaccine Safety Data-link, (VSD), from the super bills of two large HMOs, (Health Maintenance Organizations), Group Health Cooperative in Seattle and Northern California Kaiser with a combined enrolled population over 6 million people. They include 110,000 children that were born between 1992 and 1997 of families continuously enrolled and had records of all vaccines received during the child’s first year of life. They excluded some children from the study, notably, those who had been vaccinated with the Hepatitis B immunoglobulins containing an additional 12.5ug of thimerosal/ mercury, in the first six hours of life as they “would have a higher likelihood of the outcomes” such as autism.

Verstraeten’s original version of this study dated February 9, 2000, shows the risk of autism was sharply higher than even the next presentation presented to 52 doctors, scientists and researchers affiliated with various public protection government agencies, including the CDC, at the Simpsonwood meeting four months later in June 2000.

In the last three years, the study has apparently undergone numerous evolutions, face-lifts and additions - one in particular, by adding in children not at risk to autism to mathematically “water down” the alarming results of the original findings. This until the CDC felt they could present it to the public and represent that there is “No consistent significant associations between thimerosal-containing vaccines, and neuro-developmental outcomes.”


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